Dr. David Clark

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Did you know that Dr. Clark sees some of our patients, too?  When we have a difficult orthopedic or surgical case, we call upon Dr. Clark to consult with our patients, and sometimes perform surgery on them. 

Dr. Clark graduated from Cornell University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1981.  After that, he did a 1 year internship at Angell Memorial Hospital.  He then completed a surgical residency at Cornell University in 1985.  Dr. Clark became Board Certified in Veterinary Surgery in 1987 and has been practicing since then.

We are very lucky to have him as part of our arsenal of treatments for our patients.  When we need his expertise, we set up consults at our hospital for him to see.  From there, he makes recommendations for the treatment plan, which sometimes includes surgical procedures.  These surgeries are also performed at our facility, which makes it much easier for us to follow up on!